A New Book To Help Children and Parents Navigate Through The Coming Out Process

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The newly revised edition of The Rest of the Way is now available in paperback and on KINDLE!!!  Now with 2 sets of Questions for Reflection at the end of each chapter, one for parents and one for gay sons and daughters to help encourage understanding and initiate a dialogue. 

“When my son told us he was gay I felt that our entire life came apart in that moment.”

“…For the first time, I grasped how hard it must have been for our son to come out to us, and painfully, I saw how self-absorbed I had been,  and how little thought I gave to what it was like for him to tell us.   His coming out had been all about me. “
Announcing An Important Book To Help Gay Sons and Daughters And Their Parents Navigate Through The Coming Out Process

 Enid Jackowitz, a psychotherapist, mother of a gay son, and longtime member of PFLAG has written a personal memoir, The Rest of the Way: A Coming Out Story for Parents and Gay Children. Enid takes the reader along with her on a journey that begins with her harsh rejection of her son.  But as her journey progresses her perceptions change and she sees things very differently.  Enid sheds light on where the roots of homophobia, shame, and guilt come from, allowing parents to see issues that may be keeping them stuck.  The book can not only help parents come to a place of greater understanding and acceptance of their gay child, but also gay people can gain a new awareness of the complexity of the coming out process from a parents’ point of view.


● Parents struggling with the news that their child is gay.

● Gay children who want to give their parents a helpful book when coming out.

● Parents stuck in the “we love you, but let’s not talk about it” stage.

● Gay children wanting a better understanding of the coming out process from a parent’s point of view, and

● Families wanting to have a deeper conversation and begin building bridges back to one another.

The Rest of the Way tells the true story of Enid’s journey of personal growth and transformation after her son came out to their family over twenty years ago, and how ultimately she became a psychotherapist specializing in gay and lesbian issues.  A prominent theme of the book is that there is nothing wrong with being gay.  But there is something very wrong with our homophobic world.  It isn’t our children who need to change; it’s society that needs to change.

A Universal Story of Separation and Reconciliation

When children come out of the closet, parents often go into the closet. But there is a way out. Read Enid’s story of personal transformation and reconciliation that can help parents cope with, and overcome the myriad of feelings that come with the news: I’m gay.

The story will both empower readers and help them come to a new awareness of homosexuality. The reader can learn how the love they have for their gay family member can be the catalyst that allows them to confront the prevailing cultural bias.

Enid Jackowitz is a licensed mental health counselor in private practice in Casselberry, Florida, and a Board member of her local PFLAG chapter.  Knowing personally as well as professionally how difficult the coming out journey can be for both parents and children, she felt compelled to tell her story to help other parents on this journey.

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