A New Book To Help Children and Parents Navigate Through The Coming Out Process

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Here’s what people are saying about The Rest of the Way :

I recommend this wonderful book for every parent of a gay child, and every gay child no matter their age. It’s beautifully written and powerfully candid.  It is a book that every LGBT family can learn from, relate to, and love. Vicki Nantz, Producer of Anita’s Wake: The Irrational War on Florida’s Gay Families & Accessory to Murder: Our Culture’s Complicity in the Death of Ryan Skipper_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Beautifully written. Enid is brutally honest about and with herself as the Mother of a gay son who despite her old soul, sweet spirit, and superior level of intelligence could not immediately come to terms with her son coming out to her. An easy read that informs without teaching or preaching. It’s simply her real life story; the story of the real journey she takes along with husband and son; a story, packed with emotional charge and heartwarming moments, that can’t help but inform and teach by virtue of it’s honest simplicity. A must-read book for every family member struggling to deal with a loved one coming out, as well as for the one who is coming out. Simply a lovely, lovely book.  Michael Wanzie, Entertainer, Writer, Producer


With appreciation for bringing the whole subject of homosexuality to the fore, as it has never been done before. You deserve enormous thanks from all of us who have danced around the subject without ever really confronting it.  You have truly neutralized it.  Louise Sheehy, Author, Educator, Orlando


I have read many books on this subject, always looking for the right book to offer to other parents who have learned that they have a gay child and are struggling to understand and continue to love their child.  Your book just moved to the top of my list. Ted McKnight, TN PFLAG Dad


The Rest of the Way… is a must a read… Enid took what was at first heartbreaking news and turned it into the greatest growth experience of her life. Surprising, heartwarming, and oh-so-instructive. Tom Dyer, Editor of Watermark, Central Florida’s Largest GLBT Newspaper.


Enid shares the process of making a road where there wasn’t one before. She not only looks back to see the path she created for herself, but her path shines light in the darkness for others. It is a path of commitment, of a family’s love, of profound courage and of hope for all families struggling with the coming out process for both children and their parents. Dawn Lipthrott, LCSW, Orlando


The Rest of the Way is a universal story of transformation and unconditional love that poignantly explores the sometimes fragile dynamics of family. Katie Ball, Independent Producer for Central Florida StoryCorps, 2008 at WMFE.


Your book will help many people respond to their children’s needs to be loved, understood and accepted. What a journey you have taken and how lovely the arrival must have been.  Pat James, MA Workshop Leader, Educator, Orlando


Thank you for such a wonderful book, it helped me gain the power from within to come out! G. C. Orlando PFLAG


If you are a parent of a gay person or a gay person having trouble gaining acceptance from your family members this should be on your must read list. Pricilla Emery, Longwood



You have created a bridge for other parents to cross and find the way back to their children. Larry B. Orlando


The Rest of the Way was my story, and my son’s story written so beautifully. Enid put words to my deepest thoughts and fears. I only wish this book was written 20 years ago.  Lois RBM, Orlando______________________________________________________________________________________________

You touched on so many facets of the “coming out” story for all of us…gays, lesbians, and parents…some people might use the word open-minded to describe your journey…but I think open-hearted is a more correct and apt term. LLT, Orlando_______________________________________________________________________________


I really think the book will be a help for many, many women and families whether they have gay children or not. It is really about a growth to acceptance of ourselves and others. Dr. Marilyn Shapiro, LMFT,LCSW__________________________________________________________________________________________

You are truly an inspiration and a beacon of hope for “children of the unaccepting” everywhere. If those parents were willing to go on the soulful journey that you and your husband did, what a different place the world might be! Thank you for your honesty and your understanding. I know it means a lot to your son and to countless others who your book has touched.  Britt B. Orlando______________________________________________________________________________________________

As the mother of a beautiful, vibrant gay daughter, I related to so many passages in this book.  I was moved to share it with my ex-husband, in the hope that it will help him re-think his approach to our daughter, and help him journey the rest of the way.  DF, Orlando____________________________________________________________________________________


This book proved to be just as helpful for me, a lesbian woman, in my opinion, as it will be for parents of gay children. Enid’s story covers not just her struggle with her son coming out but also other issues that anyone in any family can relate to-relationships and self-esteem. Great job, Enid, thank you for all you do!  Lexi, Melbourne, PFLAG


The book is a profound testimony to the love of two parents to their splendid son. It is also a testimony to our humanity, and to the embrace of every single human being in the fold of our planetary community. Your journey is courageous, inspiring, honest, vulnerable, and soulful. You and Syd are two powerful models of the true meaning of being a “Mensch”. May you continue to help others along your bold and compelling journey. With love and admiration,
Hedy and Yumi (Schleifer) Internationally acclaimed leaders of The Adventure in Intimacy Workshop for couples._______________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Rest of the Way is a valuable book about parents coming out from the initial shock of discovering their son is gay. Enid has the knack of recreating remembered scenes of great emotion and conflict, rendering them in fluent, credible dialog.  You have the sense of being there.  Her recreation of key moments is so vivid that, frankly, I was moved to tears.  Essentially, The Rest of the Way goes beyond the author’s coming to terms with her son’s gay identity. It also renders in moving detail how her son’s coming out has led to a greater awareness of herself and a fuller, richer life. John Boettjer, Naples______________________________________________________________________________________________

We’ll be sharing your inspiring book with other PFLAG members and including it in our library, ready to recommend to all.  Edie K, Monterey, CA


Your realization that you needed to come out of your own closet, and give your husband space to emerge from his, will have a huge impact on parents.  Shirley Fletcher, author, The Dance of Difference-The New Frontier of Sexual Orientation. President The Dance of Difference Consulting Group.


I never realized (until) now that when a child comes out of the closet the parents go into the closet! Your book is really going to help me to counsel people and families going through the coming out period.  I want to thank you and your family for having the courage to write this book and opening others eyes to the inside story, this book for me is nothing short of inspirational.

Sarah Riley CHt  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

As a humanitarian and psychotherapist, I have found Enid Duchin Jackowitz’ book to be a courageous, candid and helpful personal exploration, highlighting her and her husband’s journey in embracing and validating the love of their gay son. A “must read” for anyone grappling to understand themselves in relation to their gay children. Her book has candid reflective questions at the end of each chapter, and the book will be a potent, life-altering and healing addition to be utilized in group settings such as churches and community organizations. Margie Grebin, LMHC, Orlando

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