The Rest of the Way

An important Book To Help Children and Parents Navigate Through The Coming Out Process

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A good story can be like a compass; it doesn’t tell you where to go, but it can help you stay on track. Sometimes people get stuck, locked in old patterns, but a story can break through old patterns in a surprisingly transformational way.

Over the years, I’ve collected many meaningful stories that made a difference to my clients. Now that I’m a retired psychotherapist, I’m sharing those short stories to help others. I thought about writing a book but I’ve always been told my voice is very calming and I thought telling the stories would be the best way to reach people.

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What a wonderful book!

This book will change your perspective on life

The Rest of the Way refers to the Talmudic story many Christians think of as the Prodigal Son. In the Talmudic version, when the king asks his son to come home, the son replies that he cannot travel that far. The king responds, “Then come as far as you can, and I will meet you the rest of the way.” This book is about Ms. Jackowitz’ journey the rest of the way when her older son comes out to her as gay.

There are a number of books about coming out by gay, lesbian, bi, and transgender people telling their stories. There are also a number of books by therapists and other professionals dissecting the struggles most gender variant people go through. The Rest of the Way is more about how coming to terms with the author’s son’s gay identity leads the author toward much greater awareness of herself. Like many of us, Ms Jackowitz’ life was constrained by her need to meet other people’s standards. This need is deeply ingrained in all of us. We learn from our earliest awareness that some actions and attitudes are accepted (or demanded) in our social environment while others are taboo.

Accepting her son’s reality meant giving up many of those acceptable attitudes and accepting many of those she was taught were taboos.

The Rest of the Way takes us along on her journey. It is one those of us who love our children must also travel. Our journeys require a great deal of thoughtful insight into our own needs and recognition that we cannot accept changes in someone else without changing ourselves.

Dave Parker- PFLAG National Board of Directors

Past President of PFLAG Transgender Network
Recipient of the Human Rights Campaign Legacy Award 2010

You will have the sense of being there.

The Rest of the Way is a valuable book about parents coming out from the initial shock of discovering their child is gay. Enid has the knack of recreating remembered scenes of great emotion and conflict, rendering them in fluent, credible dialog. You have the sense of being there and, in particular, of understanding the Jewish background of Enid and her family. Her recreation of key moments they were so vivid that, frankly, I was moved to tears. Essentially, The Rest of the Way goes beyond the author’s coming to terms with her son’s gay identity. It also renders in moving detail how her son’s coming out has led to a greater awareness of herself and a fuller, richer life.

Then I cried

I read the first 102 pages of Enid’s book, The Rest of the Way and then I cried. I have read a lot of books through the years and I am often touched by them, but the deeper way you explore the family of origin and how it affects us, resonated in a very special way. As a conservative Christian, I learned so much from your book about the Jewish faith and that the pain and shame are so similar. Thank you for your courage and for that of your family.

Kathy R.

The Rest of the Way


The Rest of the Way: Healing Barriers Between Gays, Lesbians, and Their Parents

Sprinkled with compelling stories and insights The Rest of the Way recounts Enid’s journey of self-discovery that led her to unconditional acceptance of her gay son in a most genuine and heartfelt way. The book, offers keen observations in the struggle parents often face when coming to terms with having a gay child. Ultimately, Enid and her husband Syd came to a place of understanding that they were the ones who had to change; and not their son.

Maya & the Magic Swing


Maya and The Magic Swing will take children on a metaphorical journey where mistakes happen on a grand scale and are transformed into something positive. The book’s message is no one is perfect-we all make mistakes. An important message for children in today’s world. Fun not only to read but also to hear, the book is ideal for parents, teachers, counselors, and therapists. Written by a psychotherapist and illustrated by a remarkably gifted fifteen-year-old award-winning artist.

Life with ADD


Life With ADD: Ain't it Grand Kindle Edition

Are you someone with ADD who feels scattered and disorganized a lot of the time, and wonders why you can’t get it all together? Having ADD myself, I know the feeling. So, I wrote a short eBook in rhyme telling what it’s like. The illustrated book, LIFE WITH ADD: AIN’T IT Grand is a funny and honest portrayal of my life that will resonate with many people. The book is not only for people with ADD but for those who love them; to help others understand what living with ADD is like.

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