A Children’s Book with an Important Message

Maya and the Magic Swing will take you on a metaphorical journey where mistakes happen on a grand scale and are transformed into something positive. The message of this rhyming book is: No One is Perfect—we all make mistakes! Children will want to hear this fun-loving book again and again.

…After I planted and sowed all the seeds, gave them sun, water, and pulled out the weeds, I never imagined, how could I know that something good would begin to grow.


TitleA Little Gem of a Book

Maya and the Magic Swing by Enid Duchin Jackowitz

This little gem of a children’s book is a fun early reading book for children from their pre-school days. It is beautifully illustrated, and carries several positive messages for young children.

The main message is that no one is perfect – we all make mistakes. Often, these mistakes lead to something unexpected – even beautiful.

Maya imagines a pretend dog, Buster. He leads her to an amazing door, behind which she finds a host of varied and varicolored friends eager to see her. There is also a grandmotherly woman named Gertie, who introduces her to Farmer John. Farmer John’s garden is blessed with an amazing variety of fruits and vegetables, all mixed together.

Acceptance of difference or variety is another important message built into this little story. None of it is preachy, yet the messages are clear. Very well done.

Dave Parker, Writer, Reviewer

Title:  Maya and the Magic Swing—Magical!

This charming and beautifully written fairy tale/story/poem about Maya and her magical swing is delightful. Its message is one all children need to hear…no one is perfect; mistakes happen, and good and interesting things can be the result. The brightly colored, lovely illustrations by a 15 year old artist add to the enjoyment of the story. This is a wonderful book to give as a gift or read with your own children.

Barbara Chase

Great Book.  I would highly recommend it.

Great Book. I would highly recommend this book – a perfect bedtime story with a fun and positive message. Maya and the Magic Swing is an original story with a wonderful message. The thing I like about it the most is that it teaches some great lessons about making mistakes, and that it’s OK to do so – but it does so in a way that lets even young readers understand. I read this to my 8 year old several times and she loved it. The illustrations are also unique – my daughter liked the pictures a lot. Add this to your bedtime reading list for kids!


lively illustrations of Hayley Schaeffer