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This is the book I’ve been looking for to offer Parents

Your book just moved to the top of my list

I have read many books on this subject, always looking for the right book to offer to other parents who have learned that they have a gay child and are struggling to understand and continue to love their child. Your book just moved to the top of my list.
Ted McKnight, TN PFLAG Dad

Ted McKnight, TN PFLAG Dad

A Book that will Help Many

Your book will help many people respond to their children’s needs to be loved, understood and accepted. What a journey you have taken and how lovely the arrival must have been. .

Every LGBT family can learn from and relate to this book.

I recommend this wonderful book for every parent of a gay child, and every gay child no matter their age. It’s beautifully written and powerfully candid. It is a book that every LGBT family can learn from, relate to, and love.

Heartwarming and so instructive

The Rest of the Way… is a must a read… Enid took what was at first heartbreaking news and turned it into the greatest growth experience of her life. Surprising, heartwarming, and oh-so-instructive.

Read this Book!

The Rest of the Way is a universal story of transformation and unconditional love that poignantly explores the sometimes-fragile dynamics of family.

A must read book for all family members

Beautifully written.

Beautifully written. Enid is brutally honest about and with herself as the Mother of a gay son who despite her old soul, sweet spirit, and superior level of intelligence could not immediately come to terms with her son coming out to her. An easy read that informs without teaching or preaching. It’s simply her real-life story; the story of the real journey she takes along with husband and son; a story, packed with emotional charge and heartwarming moments, that can’t help but inform and teach by virtue of its honest simplicity. A must-read book for every family member struggling to deal with a loved one coming out, as well as for the one who is coming out. Simply a lovely, lovely book.

By Michael Wanzie, Entertainer, Writer, Producer